Roofing / Re-roofing

We remove and dispose of your old roof and supply and install a new roofing system to your desired specification. Color, Style etc.
Residential and Commercial Buildings
Ensure proper ventilation to keep your home or commercial building cool and your hydro bills down. Also proper ventilation helps to keep the structure in good condition by preventing rotting wood.

Roof Repairs and leak detection

Our specialists will detect and repair problems with your roofing system. We will prevent leaks from causing further damage to your home or building.

Waterproofing / Water Protection

Whether it is a deck, the foundation tie in to the structure, or your roof itself, our specialists are trained to determine the issues and correct the source. Don’t allow water to continue to damage your property.

Pressure Washing

Clean surfaces on either the ground or walls to revitalize the appearance of your property.
Trust people who understand what water can do. We will always take the appropriate care when pressure washing to ensure that you receive the results you are looking for while caring for the protection of your property.
Pressure washers are powerful tools and without the correct knowledge of water flow and waterproofing systems you can risk damage.